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In no way have I thought to try and visit the Internet in its physical realm. What Andrew Blum was accomplishing in this book is extremely unusual and demonstrates the Internet from a perspective I have never considered. In my eyes, I've always believed that the Internet is unable to be seen. Nevertheless, when Blum explains, "The Internet is everywhere; the Internet is nowhere. But indubitably, as invisible as the logical might seem, its physical counterpart is always there," this statement helped me to understand that the Internet really does have a physical component that exists in several places. Although this is an interesting point, throughout the entire book, Blum is on a continuous exploration of something that, in my opinion, doesn't really call for an immense amount of inspiration and awe. At this age and time, I feel that we are aware of all the advancements made in technology and how there is a reality in that scientific research has come to develop these astonishing and complex technologies. The fact that the Internet is untouchable and appears to be out in "space" is what makes it extremely fascinating. I argue that Blum is mistaken about his statement for wanting to see the Internet's most significant places. The depth and profoundness of the Internet is what makes it so significant. Even though Blum longed to travel and make out where the Internet was geographically, I feel that portion of the Internet is meaningless in comparison to the Internet's concealed capacity. In spite of that, I appreciate how Blum goes into detail about the challenges of internetworking and seeing the effects of how the Internet moves. Learning about the exchanging points and how different hubs interconnect around the world is rather interesting. All these different aspects of the Internet are what makes it so intriguing, and illustrates just how powerful and vast the Internet actually is.

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