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I am definitely not a computer person, so when Tim Berners- Lee starts talking about HTML, URI, and all sorts of acronyms for how the World Wide Web starts it gets a little confusing to me! Nonetheless he does make some very good points about the wed that I have not yet thought about. He wrote "There seemed to be a perception that creating a browser had a strong potential payback, since it would make information from around the world available to anyone who used it" (Tim Berners-Lee, pg. 57). The word payback really strikes out at me because how can such a tool be used for payback? When I thought about it more; I can totally see what Tim Berners- Lee thinks that way. People who have knowledge have power, and when more and more people become knowledgeable less and less people have power, and that is a threat to those who knew about the browser in the first place. They wanted to keep that power of knowledge. Let's look at the time when Tim Berners-Lee wanted to call one of his creations as universal. "Even though I was asking for only a piece of the Web to be standardized, there was a strong reaction against the "arrogance" of calling something a universal document identifier" (Tim Berners-Lee, pg. 61). He though of the World Wide Web as a universal tool where everyone could use, which it is, so why where the other guys so against it? Again, they wanted to confine the web into a tiny box and basically keep it for him or her self, or how ever much they can have.
The last thing I wanted to touch on is this quote; "Things can get picked up quickly on the Internet, but they can be dropped quickly too" (Tim Berners- Lee, pg. 84). This is a very literal quote because I still to this day find "the new best thing" on the internet, and as soon as something else comes along I quickly move to the next, but is it really a bad thing? We all know we love innovative things. We thrive on what's "the new best thing" these days. That's how the Internet and the World Wide Web and the browser came about! It's because we like change and change is only the first step into the next decade of the World Wide Web.

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