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I'm going to be honest; Weaving the Web to me is not my cup of tea. I am not a computer person nor am I familiar with the different abbreviations and terms. That being said however, I do have to give Berners-Lee credit for having a better flow that Blum had. Unlike Blum, Berners-Lee does not come across as obsessed, he seems knowledgeable and devoted to the creation of the internet.
In the beginning Lee talks about how he received a "Compaq personal computer" and wrote his program Tangle. I thought it was pretty interesting how the program could repeat short easy terms, but once things got difficult as stated on page 13, "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?", the computer program couldn't handle it and spit out a never ending sequence. He talks about how even though his program failed; it sparked his interest in the "connective aspect of information."(13)
I think the fact that one person "created" the web is amazing to me, Berners-Lee discusses that he wants to open up the communications between all people and allow them to have access to different things such as different documents and articles. I would have to agree with him that allowing everyone to have access to these items, really allowed for the connection of different information. Allowing people to connect to one another and share things really allowed for people's knowledge base to grow, as well as save time trying to find different documents. Without his vision, we as a class would probably not be posting on this blog, or at least the technology would have been a later development.
In my mind, Berners-Lee was a contributor to Rhetoric, the internet itself is a form a rhetoric. Almost every web page is trying to inform or convince its readers about one aspect or another. There is a never ending stream of information flowing on the internet, and without Berners-Lee, who knows where that would be today.
It will be interesting to see where Berners-Lee takes this book and how he helped this technology to grow into what the internet is today.


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I agree with you on how Berners-Lee was himself a contributor to rhetoric, and think this idea is really interesting. The internet is the center of communicating persuasive ideas in texts, even from blog posts like this one. I think that his creation of the World Wide Web has created a whole new world and a new kind of study that contributes to how rhetoric is developing.

Thanks for the post and the comments. I think you are right that he helped extend the potential and complexity of online rhetoric in ways that we are still figuring out today. Another thing I love about Berners-Lee is the window he offers onto his rhetoric as he tried to convince the world to use his invention. Without his doggedness, the web might not have taken off.

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