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So let me just say that I love the examples that are used in Warnick and Heinman's book, Rhetoric Online. In chapter 5 the book talks about an Obama video spoof and how it , "...serves as a masterful example of an adroit use of intertextuality as a genre because its viewers had to be thoroughly familiar with the political background and preceding chronology of political events in order to fully appreciate the videos content." (75) What the book goes on to talk about is how this example is intertextual, one reasoning is because it can be interpreted in many different ways by different people. People who have different political views or that didn't know where the background song was from could have varying opinions of what it meant. Some people thought it was pro Obama, while others thought it was meant to take a dig at him. I thought this was very interesting, depending on what people's background knowledge was, made them think different things. As quoted, "The content of this video therefore illustrate the ways in which intertextuality as a genre is comprised of the cultural matrix of the readers' experience and general knowledge of salient current events supporting the intertextual reference." (77) Without the prior knowledge of the political world, or the way in which the video was presented, many people probably would not have understood it. I completely agree with this statement, there are many things that prior knowledge is needed to truly understand them the way they are suppose to be understood.

Another example (page 82) this book gives is the Macintosh computer commercial and how it was based on a book 1984. Without knowing what the book was about, many readers truly did not understand the commercial. They may have thought it was an interesting commercial and it may have caught their eye, but without that prior knowledge it was harder to truly get the reference. This is another good example of intertextual content. I personally never have read the book so I probably wouldn't have understood the reference and thought it was just a silly commercial, again you need the prior understanding to grasp the message.

Overall, so far this book is interesting to me. It gives a lot of different examples that are current real life examples, many from the political world. It will be interesting to see how this book can relate to the next couple of books we read.

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