The ability to always be connected

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So far Networked has been mainly about the many new ways people can connect with other people through various social network sites as well as the internet in general and the advantages as well as disadvantages of it all. On page 16, the authors point out how "home and work have become more intertwined" than ever before. I believe it was a great point to address because it is a big topic in which I think many people over look when it comes to the internet being tied into our daily lives.

Personally I've noticed over the years how much the internet and social networks have impacted my life through my dad's job. As a (self-employed) realtor, he didn't have usual structured 9-5 days like most parents have when their children are growing up which always made it tough for our family when it came to afterschool programs, dinners, and other basic things. As the years went on and he started becoming more involved with the internet for the use of his business and the help of smart phones, he's been more attached with his job than ever before. Yes, being connected can be a very positive thing because it could mean more business, but on the other hand it can take away from a person's daily life and does affect other people.

The authors also touched on this note again on page 31, but they have turned being connected into a positive thing, claiming that "work has become flexible in the developed world". There's pros and cons to everything and of course I'll admit it was nice when my dad was able to stop working from his real office and was allowed the flexibility to start working from home, as soon as smart phones were developed along with the other ways to connect through your job via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and WiFi, but the connectedness took away some of the time my dad could potentially spend with me, and instead used for his job.

With the increasing technology, people are tying in all sorts of their lives which at one point were all separate. Granted, as things have progressed over the years, there's always has been and will be worry about how the "new thing" will hurt or take away from what was; Example- Texting reducing face to face contact with friends. For some, the blurring of lines over the pieces of a person's life may be for the best, but for some, the overlapping of work into a person's personal life doesn't affect only them, but other people as well, which is something many people overlook.

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