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In chapter 14 of Anonymous, Emick is talking about the anti-anonymous group that is trying to hunt down some of the group members. On page 205 it states, "Emick's goal was to show the world what Anonymous really was- vindictive, corrupt, and not really anonymous at all." This to me is very risky of Emick. She knows the world and what goes on with anonymous, but now she wants to risk everything to try and figure out who the people behind it are. On the same page it also states," it was the cruelty she was seeing more and more throughout the network.." This was her motivation to pull away from anonymous and try to help find out who was behind all of this. Emick formed a group of 6 people with her friend Byun to help try to bring Anonymous down, as Emick stated to Byun on page 209, "someone needs to stop them before something bad happens." They managed to compile a list of names and leaked it to the press. This took a lot of time and courage to do in my opinion, to announce that you had a hand in trying to uncover some of the members of this huge group. What amazes me is that a few years later, Emick actually outed herself at a conference saying she was the one who had leaked the list. Her knowing the power of this organization, and still leaking herself as the person who leaked the list is very risky in my point of view. In the end though after all of the work Emick put in, she was asked by the FBI to assist with their investigation on one of the people she had found information about. Overall, chapter 14 was actually a nice change of pace for the book. It wasn't all about the actual hackers' missions, but about trying to find out who was behind some it all. This book is extremely different from all the other ones we have read and keeps my attention.

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