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Well I have to say that my eyes have been opened by this book. I admit that hacking was one of those things I knew and probably still know very little about. I find it interesting how Parmy Olson discusses the different people who are involved in Anonymous and what their goals and desires are. These aren't just pimply 15 year olds who can't get a date and don't know how to function socially. In most cases they are adults who have normal lives. That scares me. The desire some of these individuals have to cause chaos and destrustion in others lives seems almost pathological. Many times Olson refers to the hackers "need" to hack almost like it is an addiction. Especially Kayla who is shown to have an almost obsessive-compulsive need to hack. It seems that she does it for no real political or philosophical reason but she just because she can. It seems to me that many of these individuals develop almost a god complex. They mess with peoples online lives just because they have the power too. It makes them feel strong and superior. They many times just come off as the pocket protector group who have been given a super power so they then become the school yard bullies. The "I'm stronger then you now so I'm going to beat you up and take your lunch because you made fun of me". It's unfortunate because I think some of these individuals really do want to point out corruption and hold government and large corporations accountable for their actions but their message gets lost behind the malicious actions of the ones who do it for petty reasons.

I'm glad I am reading this book it is giving me an insight into something that I thought never really concerned me and would have no impact on me. However, I am coming to realize in the "networked" world that we now live in these things do impact me and so I should really attempt to understand it. The concept of six degrees of seperation applies here, however, I feel that with the interconnectedness of the internet there are now much fewer then six degrees seperating us all. We are coming closer and closer to being one global community and so the actions of Anonymous, Wikileaks and other similar entities on groups and organizations that I have no tangible connect too, do affect me. And so, to be a good global citizen I think we should concern ourselves with the actions of such groups. We need to not only hold governement and big business accountable but also these groups because they have a tendency to bring out the worst in some individuals and with no structured heirarchy within the organization there are no rules and you get what I like to call the "Lord of the Flies" effect. Where everyone is out to do what is best for their own goals and they will do anything to achieve them no matter what the consequences are.

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