Anti-hacker Groups and the Ethos Appeal

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In chapter 14 of We Are Anonymous Parmy Olson argues that anti-hacker groups are becoming important in the hacker world to find the hacker's identity. Prior to this chapter, Olson had provided multiple examples of some behavior that some members of Anonymous didn't support. These examples made one person, Jennifer Emick, create an anti-hacker group with others to help discover the identities of Anonymous members.

As discussed earlier in the semester, an essential part of analyzing rhetoric is the ethos appeal. The ethos appeal deals with the composer's credibility while stating the argument. Anonymous works slightly different because the members have nicknames or false names instead of their true identities being open to the public. In fact, Anonymous makes it difficult to find their true identities. Rather the group as a whole provides ethos to the public from examples of taking down certain websites. Having group members be able to hide their identities from people provides a sense of credibility as being a good hacker.

Emick is a prime example of a person that wants to know who is all behind the Anonymous attacks. Emick is quoted in the book saying, "Emick saw young people who wanted to be part of a group of nameless bullies because they were getting picked on at school" (206). Emick begins a group called Backtrace with other people to investigate the members of Anonymous. Throughout the chapter Olson writes about examples that Backtrace did in order to find certain names of hackers. In the end, Backtrace released a list of 70 actual names of the hackers. Even though the list contained these names, not all were correct. Olson states, "What they [hackers] didn't know was that while Backtrace had been wrong on many names, a few, including Sabu, had been spot on" (215).

The reason anti-hacker groups are important is because one name may lead to more names or scare hackers from still hacking. The issue in remaining hidden for hackers shows their ethos of a god hacker being compromised. With the hacker's ethos taking a hit, they might stop their hacking or slow down. As Olson highlighted in chapter 14, more anti-hacker groups could help slow down the hacking groups like Anonymous.

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