Blog Post 3: Chapter 10

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In Chapter 10, Rainie and Wellman focus on how to function effectively in this changed world. To start off, my favorite sentence from this chapter describes how network operating systems can transform individuals as they participate in this changed world, "their sense of self transforms from a hard unitary shell to a reconfigured amoeba with situationally changing pseudopods" (p.256). The main theme in this chapter is described through one case, Linda. They describe her journey starting off as a struggling divorced woman who eventually grows through her expanding networks. She adopts technology and the Internet into her daily routine, which allows her to thrive in different aspects of her life, like furthering her career, economic situations, and her personal relationships. Rainie and Wellman choose Linda's story, to argue and demonstrate that "those with diverse, broad-ranging networks are often in better social shape and have greater capacity to solve problems than those who have smaller networks," (p. 265). I agree with this because I feel that a wider scope of networks allows individuals to reach out to more resources and have connections when needed and it "breeds more support" (p.266). Individuals in tight social networks may feel restricted and limited in how far they may excel.
Linda states on page 259, "I didn't feel quite comfortable with it until I had actually sat down with somebody and physically checked out the campus." Though Rainie and Wellman have compelling arguments in this how-to-do like chapter on how we should be the best networked individuals, Linda's statement brings me back to how physicality is still important to me. I think that networking is a great for allowing the free flow of information, resources, and making connections, but as an adjunct. I feel like I can only find comfort and closure with physicality and face-to-face networks.

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I agree with you about how physicality is important. Even with our ever changing technology I feel that for some things that physical interaction with someone is so important. People need some sort of physical interaction, machines can not hug or show affection for you, only physical beings can do that. Plus I think somethings are just easier communicated in face-to-face networks.

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