Chapter 15: Breaking Away

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Chapter 15 starts off by describing Topiary, as well as many of the other Anonymous members, backing away from Anonymous after Backtrace. Olson stated that by June of 2011, at least seventy-nine people in eighty countries would be arrested in connection with Anonymous (p.223). Overall, many user's were paranoid and afraid they be identified. Olson's main objective in this chapter is to show a chaotic downfall of Anonymous. Attacks were going on that were so drastic, and users were turning on one another. Another attack was directed towards Sony. Anons were upset that Sony had sued George Hotz after he had figured out how to jailbreak the PlayStation 2 game console and then sharing this information with others on his blog post. The Anons took revenge of course and launched a DDos attack on several Sony websites and its PlayStation Network for gamers, bringing it down and offline for millions of gamers. They brought the Sony websites down with their basic philosophy in mind, claiming that what Sony did to George was, "anti-freedom", "anti-expression", "anti-individulasim", and therefore, "anti-Anonymous" (p.227). Eventually Anons called the whole thing off, yet the PlayStation Network was still down and gamers personal and financial details were compromised, costing Sony over $1 billion (p.228). The Sony Operation was said to be hijacked by hackers who tried to use the attack as a cover up. Anonymous starts to look like a mess here, a joke, even having "a dishonorable feel to it" (p.228), their whole philosophy is in shatters. I think Olson really sets up the stage here to describe the Anonymous downfall, without it's key players. He leaves us with Topiary observing the whole thing, and wanting to get the HBGary hackers back together. He wants to show Anonymous something new, and "jaw-dropping" (p.230). Is Anonymous going to make a comeback?!

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