Educating how to Monitor Online Reputation

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In Chapter 10 in Networked, Rainie and Wellman discuss how people can thrive as a networked individual. They state, "that the most successful networked individuals have networking literacy" (274). To have networking literacy people must follow the proper steps to showcase themselves well and learn information from others. One aspect of networking literacy that was interesting to me was the section monitor and manage your reputation--your brand. They state that it is important for people to monitor their reputation because more information is accessible to others through the Internet. I agree with their statement, but I argue that people need to understand the risks of posting personal information to the Internet more. I believe that most people do understand some risks, but not to the fullest.

As a senior, I am constantly looking for jobs after school. Even though I have a couple jobs options as of now, I need to be careful protecting my image. A questionable post about anything could provide the wrong reputation of myself to anyone that can see it. As a result of monitoring my reputation, I have searched myself to see if anything bad comes across with my name. Rainie and Wellman's stat of, "57 percent of American internet users had searched for material about themselves online" (267) seems low. This stat explains to me that more people should be searching the internet for anything that could be posted about themselves.

For the future, people will need to monitor their online reputation more. Social media and websites are vital elements to our society that will continue to be more involved in people's lives. If people aren't aware of taking the necessary steps to protecting themselves, they could find it harder to get jobs or loans. Our society should focus on educating people how to protect and monitor their online reputation.

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I agree with you that people need to understand about the risks of posting personal information. I know many people who post everything and anything online without thinking about how it could affect their future job outlooks. I also agree that when Rainie and Wellman said that only 57% of people have searched themselves seems like a very low number. People need to understand how they can affect their image towards future employers by what they are posting about themselves.

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