Impact on Old Media

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The impact on old media has been a very prevalent topic in this book, especially in the last few chapters. We place value on the ability to acquire mass amounts of information using the smallest devices, so single function television and telephone aren't as relevant. The new media today has far greater computing power and is more efficient! There was a quote in the book that states "It has become cliché that we carry in our smartphones more computing power than the first manned space flights did." I was very surprised when I read this quote because I have never really thought of what goes into technology. How can this much computing power go into something that we can fit in our pockets?? Just like how we were talking about in class about the difference between the Iphone now and what they used in the past. Is there really a difference? I think so. Even though they both have the same idea, technology today is much faster, much smaller, more convenient, and the biggest difference of all is we can now multi- task in what we do. People start to get rid of technology that can only do one thing, like their landline phones, and use newer means of technology, like the smartphone where they can talk, text, surf the web, all at the same time! And as our technology changes, we change as a society. What I mean by that is what was know as a "social" society is now more virtually social. "As mobile devices become smaller and more aware of where they are located, and as objects become more intelligent and communicative, people could have greater dialogues with the world around them..." This quote tells us that as technology changes, we change with it. Now that we have more virtual technology, we become more communicative online rather than face to face. We are now not limited to one to one communication, but now we have many to many communications ! When will enough be enough? Do you think our technology will ever reach a peak?

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I agree with you that one way technology is out the door, people want smaller faster items that can do more. As for if your technology will reach a peak, I honestly do not think may slow down, but I think people will always be finding ways to try and make things better and faster and more appealing.

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