We are anonymous

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Interesting book! So far I am intrigued and it's not quite what we have read before... Yes there are some areas I would be fine without that are a little too much for me to handle, but whatever.
I am wondering how the author has gotten a hold of all the information about these "hackers", because they are supposed to be unknown people. So where does the author go to find them when nobody else can?

"Rumor even had it that she'd stabbed her webcam with a knife one day, just in case someone took over her PC and filmed her unaware (chap 1. pg 11)." This made me question my own internet security and almost want to stab my own webcam if this is a risk. However, I don't see myself as a person that interesting, so I am not too worried about it. But the camera is pointed right towards where I sleep.

On top of this I would have to say that this Aaron Barr is not a smart person... "On a whim, one of them decided to check to see of kibafo33 worked anywhere else besides Barr's e-mail account (chap 1, pg 14)." This Barr person is head of a internet security thing and is investigating a bunch of hackers, then he uses the same password for everything? Even I know better than that!

The thing that disturbed me most so far I think, is how sleazy these hackers can be. The have the ability to sneak through back doors to get onto everyone's private computers and take advantage of them. "Give me the nude photos of yourself and I'll stop everyone else hacking you (chap 2, pg 40)." I feel like anyone can take advantage of this and that is just sick to me. Fair enough that William is actually helping this girl, but it creeps me out.

So far I am not sure where this book is taking me. I might end up deleting everything off my computer and blowing it up or "swallow a mini SD card (chap 1, pg 11).


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I totally agree, this book is intriguing. I am also concerned with my internet privacy, not to the point of worrying about a camera, but still this book makes you wonder. As for the password for Barrs every account, one would think that someone who has been military and done as much as he had would know not to have the same password for every account, that shocked me a little.

It really is scary the kinds of things that are possible for hackers to accomplish. The piece of software that lets you control someone else's webcam is called a 'remote access tool' (a RAT). It can get downloaded on your computer like any other spyware/malware/virus etc. When active it can do anything from:

Block or take control of mouse and keyboard
Change your desktop wallpaper
Download, upload, delete, and view files
Use your internet to perform DDoS
Format drives (erases everything)
Log keystrokes
Open CD-ROM tray (scare you in the middle of the night!)
Print something (scare you again, or just waste ink)
Play sounds (you would start to think your computer is haunted at this point)
Record video with a connected webcam
Shutdown, restart, log-off computer or shutdown monitor

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