We Are Anonymous

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Privacy seems to be one of the main ideas behind this book and the group Anonymous believes that all information should be free. So far after reading the tale about Aaron Barr who was hacked and William and Poole who deal with more of the backside of hacking, it really makes me nervous about my privacy on the internet and also to the many things the Internet holds that I am unaware of.
As I wrote in a previous blog entry, privacy seems to have become a big deal on the Internet, and this book points out as too exactly why, but yet also that truly nothing is private on the Internet. Between page 38-42, Olson explains what William was doing with Jen's Facebook- a girl who he doesn't know. "He clicked on the girl's photo again and decided he had nothing to lose by pursing a night of fun and justice" on page 38 is a great quote to describe the twisted people that use to Internet and hacking for their own fun and games, by possibly destroying people's lives.
Although it was a good gesture to message the girl and alert her someone (him) was hacking her Facebook, but by blackmailing her into sending him nude pictures of herself in order to prevent more damage, is where I personally get horrified. The way my parents introduced and allowed me to use the Internet when I was younger, has caused me to be extremely cautious and weary when it comes to posting anything personal on the Internet, because of fears like this. Even though there was someone out to get Jen, which is why someone ended up hacking into her Facebook, the reality that there are people out there who enjoy sitting and trying to hack into other peoples personal accounts, and causing potential life changing consequences is where the dark side of the internet comes alive.
It's scary to think that someone could be halfway around the world, hacking into my many accounts that hold private information, just because they believe information should be free, but yet there's the other side who believe information should be private and should have the right to do so also. I think it's interesting to hear how others believe information should be free and to see how they take advantage of that, but so far this book is make me rethink ever putting any personal information on the web again.

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I agree with you completely when it comes to thinking about privacy online. As soon as I got done reading the first few chapters of this book, all I could think about is my privacy online. It is scary to think about the people out there that could easily hack into personal accounts such as banking and credit card accounts.

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