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What I find interesting when reading Chapter 16 in We Are Anonymous is when Sabu believed Anonymous's greatest power was its lack of hierarchy. I would disagree, although Anonymous seems to want everyone involved, there are those who stand out and are the "leaders" of Anonymous. I would consider Topiary, Sabu, and Kayla to be more of the role models, they are even more so now that they have started a new group called LulzSec. Even though they were trying to get away from the label Anonymous, they still brought many of its followers with them while making the Twitter account. Outsiders who aren't in Anonymous even think these are the same hackers from Anonymous. Looking back on the past Chapters I could see some levels of hierarchy, especially within the HBGary hack because of the elite groups they had for what they were each specifically doing. They even made some groups private so other Anonymous users couldn't see. Anonymous is just like any other group. They have the leaders and they have followers. Now I know not all of them are followers. The group is unique in the fact that many group members do their one thing on a regular basis just not as noticeable or damaging than those who are mainly the leaders. Also, it is different because it typically seems the leaders are more inclined to let those they see with potential in on an attack, when most groups aren't as welcoming. Since the group is Anonymous they don't really have much to judge on physical appearance or communication qualities (referencing to in person people skills), just what they specifically do on the Internet. All in all this book has been very interesting to read, I don't know much about hacking and the group Anonymous, but hearing their side of the story opens my eyes up a little to those behind the computer screen and what their thought process is in doing these hacks. Although, I might not agree with everything they do, there are some hacks, like the HBGary hack that makes a bit of since to me because in essence that attack was about saving those innocents he was going to give over to the officials. I am interested in how the ending comes together.

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