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Tubes and first blog entry!

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When I bought the book "Tubes" for our class I had no idea why a book about the internet should have this name. I have never been much of a person who sits on the internet or on a computer at all. My view of it was simply, yes it's there now show me how to use it. I was always into sports and being outside and had zero interest in sitting behind a computer screen. However, that changes quickly! When I started high school a lot of our assignments were on a computer or something we had to email or load up to a website. This was extremely frustrating at first, but all of a sudden I knew how to type and I did not have to look at the keyboard anymore. It's funny to me when I see older people struggle with this, because it is so easy now and kids know more than adults. But I never gave one thought as to where an email actually travels before it shows up on someone's computer or phone.
After starting this book it completely changed my view. Who would ever have such a thought that the whole internet is a huge map of tubes, going from country to country, or even continent to continent? Any why and how would you ever create these maps?
I am originally from Europe and would email my family here in the US after that whole thing exploded and everyone had it at home. I still remember the waiting time while the phone dialed up, just so we could connect to the internet, until we finally got wireless and it was basically always connected. I would just turn the box on, open a file and send an email which would appear in seconds to someone else's computer. It is fascinating to me that someone would want to find out where exactly this file goes before it ends up there.
On page 77 there is a quote "it was a long time ago in Internet years." I liked this particular quote because it kind of shows you how fast everything is evolving especially after the internet phenomenon exploded. I guess this is when people just accepted that internet was a thing and how it actually worked was not that important. The "Tubes" book now has opened my eyes and made me, a non-internet loving person, intrigued and I want to know more as I am reading.

I am just want to end by saying that I am not 100% sure what you want from us on this blog post, but I focused mostly on the reading and how it appeals to me personally.

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