Getting ready to Blog

So, I am essentially doing this blog as an assignment for WRIT 8111. We are keeping reflective journal entries on the readings for the course. We have the option of keeping a simple hand-written journal, or any kind of electronic journal we choose.

I chose a blog for two reasons:

  • I didn't want these journal entries to get lost in a paper notebook.

    As much as I prefer taking notes on paper, the sad fact is that those notes are written down and usually never looked at again. Since this class is meant to help us prepare for our tech comm exams, I need to be able to access these journal entries next year. My plan is take the entries and put them into Zotero along with all of the actual references. I may break up the entries and post them as notes for the relevant reference, or I may leave them intact to help see the relationships among the readings. Or a I may do both.

  • I wanted to experience blogging for a class.

    It seems like we often asks our students to write in a class blog, forum, or wiki. Well, I don't think I've ever actually blogged for a class, so it seems like I should eat a little of our own dog food. Also, I have occasionally come across similar blog posting or wiki entries, and they can be helpful, if only because you know that other people have been reading and thinking about the same material.

So that's it. This is the blog. Actual class-related postings will be forthcoming.

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