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Should snacks be taxed?

Yesterday, lawmakers in France proposed raising the tax on chocolate, chips and other snacks from 5.5% to almost 20% whle reducing taxes on fruits and veggies from 5.5% to 2% in an effort to reduce childhood obesity.

Would a higher tax on unhealthy foods make you eat better?

I think this is a very interesting concept. It makes me wonder why there isn't a tax already. There is a cigarette tax. Why not a high tax for potatp chips or McDonalds. While most people would have major issues on raising taxes for goodies, I think majority of us wouldn't mind a break for fresh produce. This certainly would decreases barriers related to access. All in all I would say It would be easier to eat healthier if there was a higher price for chips and candy. But then again I love fruits and veggies and have a tendency to be tight with my money.

Source: USA Today


What I find interesting is that it is the parents buying the food for their children and they have the money to spend. The tax might affect quantity, but the food will be bought.

Even if children had the money for chocolate and candy, they are buying that junk food because that is what their parents taught them is ok.

I think that we can not curb childhood obesity until we change how parents feed their children and how they view healthy nutrition.

This cracks me up. Quadruple the taxes and make it look like we care about health! I wonder what effect higher taxes have had on smoking rates...Nonetheless, it just goes to show how obesity is a growing concern across the pond.