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The Star Tribune used four sources in the story about Josh Ripley, the Andover High cross-country runner. All four sources were people who witnessed the event. Three of the four sources were named, Josh Ripley, the rescuer, Mark Paulauskas, the injured boy, and Jessica Just, Mark's coach. The other source was given a blanket name of other "runners."

The attribution is spread out throughout the article and is presented in a clear and effective way. The author used a good mix of attribution placement, some of the attributions were placed within, while others were placed at the end of a paragraph.

Kenyan runner sets a new marathon world record

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By: Angela Wendler

A Kenyan runner set a new world record marathon time of 2 hours 3 minutes 38 seconds at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday.

Patrick Makau, 26, broke the marathon world record, previously set by Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia in 2008, by 21 seconds, reported the Seattle Times.

Gebrselassie ran in the marathon on Sunday, but he was unable to complete the race due to a sport induced asthma attack, reported the New York Times.

Makau averaged a 4:43 mile pace, which allowed him to beat his personal best time of 2:04:48 by 70 seconds, according to the New York Times.

"It's a great thing to beat Haile, one of my heroes," Makau said to the Seattle Times.

Fatal shooting on I-394

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A Golden Valley police officer fatally shot an armed driver Thursday afternoon on westbound I-394 near U.S. 169.

The officer tried to stop the car about 1 p.m., but the driver continued driving for a half-mile beyond the desired stopping point. The woman finally pulled over near the Hopkins Crossroad overpass, reported the Pioneer Press.

The unidentified woman was alone in her vehicle, a white Honda Civic with California plates. She was in possession of a handgun, "and was subsequently fatally shot by the police officer," reported the Star Tribune.

It was unclear whether or not the woman fired her weapon.

This was the second fatal officer involved shooting in the last month involving a woman and a "busy metro freeway," reported the Pioneer Press.

Debra K. Doree of Landfall was fatally shot on Sept. 3 by state trooper David Kalinoff after fleeing a traffic stop with suspicion of drug possession. Methamphetamine was later recovered from her car.

The officer involved in Thursday's shooting was not hurt, but he was placed on temporary administrative leave, which is standard protocol.

Cross-country runner carries his opponent to safety

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By: Angela Wendler

A cross-country runner carried his injured opponent to safety during the Lakeville Applejack Invitational on Friday.

Josh Ripley, a 16-year-old junior at Andover High, was dubbed a hero after stopping to help Mark Paulauskas, a 14-year-old Lakeville South freshman, when no one else would.

Paulauskas was lying on the ground holding his bleeding ankle. When Ripley just scooped him up and kept running, reported the Pioneer Press.

"It was just a natural instinct to stop. He was in desperate need of help. People are more important to me than my race or my time. When someone's in need, it's my responsibility to step up," said Ripley to the Star Tribune.

Paulauskas had been spiked from behind by another runner's shoe. Ripley calmed Paulauskas and got him to safety.

Paulauskas was taken to the hospital where he received 20 stitches to close the 3-inch gash.

After handing Paulauskas off to his coach, Ripley rejoined the race. Ripley had fallen into last place, but he was able to pass a couple of runners before crossing the finish line, reported the Star Tribune.

Ripley's coach and teammates all commented that his actions were extremely characteristic, "sportsmanship and compassion are core to the athlete," reported the Pioneer Press.

Paulauskas admits to the Star Tribune, that before Friday he likely wouldn't have stopped to help an injured runner, "but now I would, because Josh did."

"Don't ask, don't tell" policy repealed after 18 years

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By: Angela Wendler

An Arizona military man married his partner of 11 years at midnight Tuesday when the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was officially repealed.

Navy Lt. Gary Ross, 33, and Dan Swezy, 49-year-old civilian, traveled to Vermont in the Eastern time zone, in order to wed at the first possible moment after the ban was lifted, reported the Associated Press.

The "don't ask, don't tell" military policy had been in effect for the last 18 years. President Barack Obama calls the repeal a "tribute to all the patriots who fought and marched for change, " reported the Minnesota Daily.

Many men and women, like Ross and Swezy planned to celebrations to commemorate the end of the ban.

Obama signed the repeal for "don't ask, don't tell" on Dec. 22, but he held the order from going into effect until he decided that the military was ready for the change, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The military has been preparing for the repeal by holding courses to prepare their soldiers to handle situations that they are not accustomed to, such as seeing a same-sex couple kiss upon returning home.

Texas prison serves its final "last meal"

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By: Angela Wendler

A Texas prison has served their final "last meal" to inmates awaiting execution on death row.

Lawrence Russell Brewer, one of the men convicted in 1998 of the racially motivated killing of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, was the final recipient of a "last meal" per his request.

State prison officials decided Thursday that the "last meal" tradition would end after honoring Brewer's elaborate meal request.

Brewer ordered two chicken fried steaks, a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, fried okra, a pound of barbecue, three fajitas, a meat lover's pizza, a pint of ice cream and a slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts. Brewer did not eat any of it, reported USA Today.

The New York Times reported that State Senator John Whitmire, chairman of the Senate of Criminal Justice and Houston Democrat, was furious about the practice of serving "last meals." The victims of the inmates on death row never had the opportunity to choose their last meal, and therefore, neither should the inmates, he said.

Inmates on death row will now eat what the kitchen is serving on the day of their execution.

Analysis: Lead in story about youngest L.P.G.A tour winner

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By: Angela Wendler

The news lead works to grab the reader's attention while presenting the most important facts of the story. The lead should contain information about the five W's, who, what, where, when, and why. The lead needs to contain the most pertinent information, which generally includes the what, when, and where. In most cases, information about the who and why can be included later in a news story.

In the New York Times story about Alexis Thompson becoming the youngest L.P.G.A winner in history, the lead contains the what, who, where and when. The lead is informative, but straight to the point. This lead gives the reader a good understanding of what the article to follow will contain.

Youngest winner on the L.P.G.A. tour

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By: Angela Wendler

Alexis Thompson became the youngest winner on the L.P.G.A tour at age 16 at the Navistar L.P.G.A Classic on Sunday.

Thompson reports to the New York Times that the victory was long over due and that she goes into every tournament wanting to win.

After the winning putt, Thompson shared he moment of victory with her father, Scott, who has been her caddy since she turned pro last year at 15.

Julie Inkster, a Hall of Fame member with 31 victories to her name, tells Fox Sports that the win was incredible. "They're just starting younger and they're just so much better,'' commented Inkster.

Thompson accepted her $195,000 winners check with a smile and a simple acceptance of victory.

British woman kidnapped in Kenya by Somali pirates

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By: Angela Wendler

A British woman was kidnapped from an exclusive resort in Kenya by a gang of Somali pirates.

Judith Tebbutt, 56, was removed forcibly from her luxury beach hut in Kiwayu Safari Village by six gunmen early in the morning on Sept. 11.

Tebbutt's husband was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head while allegedly trying to protect his wife.

The New York Times reported that Tebbutt was taken from the resort in a speedboat and is now likely being held in an undisclosed town in Somalia.

Tebbutt is severely hearing impaired. Her friends and family are concerned that she will not be able to communicate with her kidnappers reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

This attack was highly unusual, because it occurred in Kenya and on land. These circumstances imply that there was a degree of cooperation between the pirate kidnappers and Shabab, who control the Somali coast along which the pirates would have needed to refuel.

In recent months the Shabab have taken over several pirate dens in Somalia. The pirates are reportedly sharing a portion of the ransom profits with the Shabab.

22 indicted in drug bust connected to the I-94 shooting

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By: Angela Wendler

The fatal shooting of a woman in Oakdale is linked to the twenty-two people indicted in federal court for conspiring to transport and distribute large amounts of marijuana and methamphetamine in the Twin Cities.

The majority of the indicted are from Minnesota. One of the defendants, 53-year-old Scott Wayne Doree of Landfall, is the husband of Debra K. Doree. She was fatally shot by State Trooper, David Kalinoff after trying to flee a traffic stop in Oakdale, as reported by 5 Eyewitness News.

Kalinoff stopped Doree around 1:30 p.m. Sept. 3. He had be given information prior to the stop that she might be transporting drugs, according to the District Attorney's Office.

The Star Tribune reports that Doree agreed to sign a consent form for the car to be searched, but when Kalinoff began to walk back towards his car, she drove off.

Kalinoff ran after the car, but got his arm stuck on the passenger side door. He was dragged for 200 feet on the freeway before he was able shoot Doree.

Doree was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where she later died.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reports that 225 grams of methamphetamine were found in Doree's car.

The indictment charges Scott Doree and 21 other defendants with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 500 of more grams of meth and 100 grams of marijuana, as reported by the Star Tribune.

The drug ring has allegedly been in operation since January 2010. The ring transported drugs from California to Minnesota to sell in the Twin Cities.

Getting dirty racing to cure to MS

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By: Angela Wendler

Three thousand runners came together to run, jump and climb through 10 kilometers of mud to raise money for the multiple sclerosis fight for a cure.

The Mud Run is an annual fundraiser for MS research. Each registered participant is required to pay a $60 enrollment fee and is expected to earn another $100 in donations.

Anna Kucera, senior marketing manager for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, told the Minnesota Daily that this year's Mud Run raised over $500,000, which was double last year's total. All of the money will be donated to MS research and to programs for people who suffer from the fatal disease.

The Sun reports that nearly all of the 2011 Mud Run participants and spectators promised to come back next year to race again and continue to fight to cure MS.

By: Angela Wendler

The Virginia Board of Health on Thursday passed a new set of abortion clinic regulations that could result in the closure of all 22 abortion clinics in Virginia.

The State General Assembly approved a bill in February for the creation of new abortion clinic regulations, which included widening all hallways, building larger operating rooms, and providing a parking spot for every bed.

The regulations, upon approval by Gov. Bob McDonnell, are scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, as reported by the New York Times All abortion clinics must update their facilities and submit to government assessment to remain open.

Patrick Hurd, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Virginia, told HuffPost that his clinic would need to have several expensive and significant renovations to be in accordance with the new regulations.

With the new regulations in place, Virginia will join the many states that are beginning to limit and constrain abortion rights.

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