The Virginia Board of Health cracks down on abortion clinic regulations

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By: Angela Wendler

The Virginia Board of Health on Thursday passed a new set of abortion clinic regulations that could result in the closure of all 22 abortion clinics in Virginia.

The State General Assembly approved a bill in February for the creation of new abortion clinic regulations, which included widening all hallways, building larger operating rooms, and providing a parking spot for every bed.

The regulations, upon approval by Gov. Bob McDonnell, are scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, as reported by the New York Times All abortion clinics must update their facilities and submit to government assessment to remain open.

Patrick Hurd, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Virginia, told HuffPost that his clinic would need to have several expensive and significant renovations to be in accordance with the new regulations.

With the new regulations in place, Virginia will join the many states that are beginning to limit and constrain abortion rights.

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