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Minneapolis party ends in death

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By: Angela Wendler

A man is in custody in connection with the death of another man in connection with an alleged party shooting, reports the Star Tribune.

The police responded to a report of a shooting in the 3000 block of Pleasant Avenue shortly after 6:30 a.m., reports the Star Tribune.

When the police arrived they found a man with gunshot wounds. The man was later pronounced dead at the scene, reports the Pioneer Press.

Witnesses at the scene named a suspect. The police later arrested him after stopping his vehicle at the intersection of Lake Street and Pillsbury Avenue South, reports the Pioneer Press.

The suspect was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center to receive treatment for noncritical stab wounds, reports the Star Tribune.

More than 10 adults and children were in the apartment. The police believe that the shooting occurred at a party, reports the Pioneer Press.

13 American soldiers killed in Kabul suicide attack

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By: Angela Wendler

Thirteen American soldiers and four Afghans were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul Saturday, reports the New York Times.

It was the most deadly attack for US and NATO troops in Kabul since the war began, reports the New York Times.

The attack happened outside of the American University on the route connecting the NATO bases in downtown Kabul to the Kabul Military Training Center. The road is often used by military trainers, reports the Associated Press.

This was the fourth attack on allied forces and government offices in two days, reports the New York Times.

St. Paul man stabbed to death with scissors

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By: Angela Wendler

A delusional man stabbed another man to death with scissors at a St. Paul group home for the mentally ill. The man claimed his victim was a witch, according to charges filed Friday, reports the Star Tribune.

Anthony Jay Haukos, 44, of St. Paul, is charged with intentional second-degree murder for the killing of Thomas Grover Stein, 61-year-old St. Paul resident, as reported by the Star Tribune.

The police were called to the residence near the intersection of Capitol Heights and Winter Street at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, reports the Pioneer Press.

The police knocked on Stein's apartment door and announced their presence, but there was no response, reports the Pioneer Press.

One police officer went outside and looked into the apartment window. He saw Haukos spooning Stein, who preferred to dress and be referred to as a woman, and holding a pair of bloody scissors, reports the Star Tribune.

The police told Haukos to drop the weapon. Haukos looked the officer in the eye and stabbed Stein, who did not move, twice in the neck, reports the Pioneer Press.

Haukos was eventually subdued by the police. He was arrested and taken to Region's Hospital, as reported by the Star Tribune.

"He stated that he thought he was the Devil and the victim was a witch and he had to kill her," the complaint says. "He said that since she was a witch she could bring back the dead and he couldn't let that happen," reports the Star Tribune.

Analysis: Public Meeting

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By: Angela Wendler

The public meeting on the proposed expansion of Juniper Ridge Landfill in Maine has not yet happened, however it is scheduled for Monday, October 24, as reported by CBS.

The purpose of the story was to inform the reader about the meeting time and location, as well as the reason for the meeting.

The story was written in advance of the meeting, but no information was provided by the writer on the source of her information.

Trade Halloween candy for cash

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By: Angela Wendler

An Ohio dentist is offering cash in exchange for Halloween sweets to promote dental health, reports Fox News.

Craig Callen, a Mansfield dentist, will pay children $1 per pound of unopened Halloween candy that is brought to his office between Oct. 31 and Nov.4, reports the Mansfield News Journal. Callen will also be holding a free raffle for two children's bikes.

"Kids can have the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well," Callen said to the Mansfield News Journal.

Callen and he colleagues will hand out up to $1,000 to support their candy buy-back, as reported by Fox News.

By: Angela Wendler

A Champlin mother reaches out to gay, bisexual, and transgender, curious teenagers through the retelling of her late son's story, reports the Pioneer Press.

Tammy Aaberg, 37, lost her son, Justin Aaberg, to suicide in 2010, as reported by the Star Tribune.

Justin, 15, was gay. He had been chidden and targeted by bullies at his school because of his sexual orientation, reports the Pioneer Press.

Aaberg is now an advocate for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth through the non-profit she co-founded title Justin's Gift, named in honor of her son, reports the Star Tribune.

Justin's Gift hosted a Halloween party for gay teens and their friends on Saturday, reports the Star Tribune.

Boyfriend charged with killing girlfriend's pet ferret

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By: Angela Wendler

A Minneapolis man has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly drowning his girlfriend's pet ferret in the process of the relationship breakup, reports the Star Tribune.

Thomas James Hart, 23, is charged with two counts of animal torture or cruelty to a companion animal resulting in death and one count for the purpose of terrorizing a person, as reported by the Star Tribune.

The police were called to the residence that Hart shared with his girlfriend Wednesday night. The police found the girlfriend crying hysterically and yelling, "He drowned it! He killed my pet ferret!," reports NBC.

The girlfriend told the police that she went to feed the ferret when she noticed the ferret was dead and its head was wet, as reported by the Star Tribune.

Hart had threatened to kill the ferret prior to this incident, reported the girlfriend to the Star Tribune.

138 Dead after major earthquake in Turkey

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By: Angela Wendler

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports that 138 people are dead and 350 more were injured by the earthquake Sunday, reports CNN.

The death toll is expected to rise. Rescue teams will work through the night to search for survivors beneath the rubble, as reported by CNN.

The Turkish seismic institute measured the earthquake's magnitude to be 7.2. The earthquake was centered in the Van Province, near the Iran boarder, reports the New York Times.

Nearly 20 aftershocks were felt strongly in nearby villages. The largest of which had a magnitude of 6.0, as reported by CNN.

Sunday's earthquake was the largest quake to impact Turkey in over a century, reports CNN.

Shark kills a Texan man

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By: Angela Wendler

A 32-year-old scuba diver was killed by a shark off the coast of Australia Saturday, reports CNN.

George Thomas Wainwright, Texas resident and American citizen, was scuba diving with friends near Rottnest Island, about 15 miles off the mainland, when he was attacked by, what authorities believe to be, a great white shark, reports the New York Post.

Wainwright was alone in the water at the time of the incident. His friends watched an abnormal amount of bubbles come to the surface before the body followed by his body, as reported by the New York Post.

Wainwright died shortly after the attack, police reported to CNN.

Wainwright was living and working on a visa in North Beach, a suburb of Perth Australia, for the last several months, as reported by the New York Post.

Two teenagers killed by a freight train in Utah

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By: Angela Wendler

Two 15-year-old girls were killed Saturday after being struck by a freight train in Spanish Fork, Utah, authorities said.

Essa Ricker and Kelsea Webster were pronounced dead at the scene, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

A third victim, Savannah Webster, 13-year-old sister to Kelsea, was injured in accident, the Associated Press reports. Her medical condition is currently not available.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Utah County sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon said that the girls were taking photos near the train tracks when the incident occurred.

The incident is still under investigation but Cannon said that the girls apparently lost their balance and fell into the path of the oncoming train, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Analysis: Steve Jobs stories

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By: Angela Wendler

The news stories about Steve Job's death started out with just the facts, but where followed days later with stories about his life and accomplishments.

The first day's news was very direct and fact-based. The goal of that news day was to disperse the news of his death.

The second day's news was more reflective and generally had a commemorative tone. The main objective was to inform readers about his life and accomplishments, as well as how much he will be missed.

There are countless first and second day stories about the death of Steve Jobs. He was an iconic character of this generation.

California passes the Dream Act

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By: Angela Wendler

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second half of the California Dream Act on Saturday, which allows illegal immigrants to receive state-funded scholarships and aide at state universities, reports the International Business Times.

The California Dream act was a two-part bill. The first half was signed in July by Brown, which approved private scholarships and loans for illegal immigrants.

The current California law states that illegal immigrant students who graduated from a California high school and can provide proof that they are working to legalize their immigrant status can pay resident tuition rates, reports the New York Times.

The recently signed second half of the act requires that immigrant students meet the same qualifications as all other students applying for financial aid. However, illegal immigrant students will only become eligible for the aid once all legal students have applied, according to the New York Times.

Amanda Knox is free

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By: Angela Wendler

Amanda Knox, 24, leaves prison monday a free woman after being cleared, by an Italian court, of all charges in connection with the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007, reports the Miami Herald.

Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 27-year-old Italian computer student, appealed against the 2009 court verdict that found them guilty of killing Kercher, Knox's roommate in Perugia, reports the Hindustan Times.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, and Sollecito to 25.

The prosecution's downfall in the case against Knox and Sollecito was the ruling that the DNA evidence used to convict the pair in 2009 was unreliable, reports the Hindustan Times.

"We're thankful that Amanda's nightmare is over," said Deanna Knox, her younger sister. "She suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit," as reported by the Miami Herald.

State pumpkin record broken in Stillwater

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By: Angela Wendler

Chad Revier, of New London, Minn., broke the Minnesota state record in pumpkin growing at Stillwater's Harvest Fest on Saturday, reports the Pioneer Press.

Revier's pumpkin weighed 1,630 pounds, 51 pounds heavier than his state record pumpkin in 2009, according to the Pioneer Press.

The winner of the pumpkin growing contest was Kevin Marsh, a mail carrier from South Dakota. Marsh's pumpkin weighed in at 1,657 pounds, which earned in the grand prize of $5,000, as reported by the Pioneer Press.

Revier's pumpkin received second place and the $3,500 prize, reports the Pioneer Press.

The pumpkin weigh-off and drop is the "signature event" of the Stillwater Harvest Fest, reports the Star Tribune.

Little boy found wandering the streets alone

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By: Angela Wendler

An 18-month-old baby boy in a dry diaper and clean clothes was found wandering the streets alone Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

The boy was found by Bobbi McGee, a resident in the 700 block of Thomas Avenue N., around 4 p.m., reports the Star Tribune.

McGee called the police and child services, but help was slow to come. McGee pleaded with the police saying, "He's LOST! By himself, nobody's come looking for him, and this should be a priority!"

McGee finally called 311 and threatened to call a TV station if they did not dispatch police to her location soon. The police arrived within four to five minutes.

The police finally arrived and took the boy to the Fourth Precinct headquarters and later to a shelter. The boy is expected to be returned to his mother's care, but child protection will investigate, said spokesman Lt. Stephen McCarty, as reported by the Star Tribune.

The boy's mother said that the boy was left alone while she was out of town due to a miscommunication within her family, reports ABC News.

Steve Jobs dies at 56

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By: Angela Wendler

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO, died Wednesday night at 56 of pancreatic cancer, announced Apple.

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being," the company wrote in a statement on its website, as reported by the Minnesota Daily.

Jobs was surrounded by his family on the night of his death in Palo Alto, California, said Apple, as reported by the National Post.

Jobs had been fighting pancreatic cancer for nearly a decade. He stepped down from his position as CEO on Aug. 24 due to the progression of his condition.

"Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple," reports the Minnesota daily.

16-year-old accidentally kills friend in Chisgao County

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By: Angela Wendler

A 16-year-old boy killed his 15-year-old friend while playing with a rifle.

William R. Showers, 15, was shot once in the neck with a .22 caliber rifle. He was pronounced dead at the scene, reports Abc news.

The shooting happened Thursday at 9:20 p.m. north of Lindstrom in the 13500 block of 347th Street, reports the Star Tribune.

The 16-year-old, whose identity has not been released, called the police after he shot his friend. He was questioned and then released to his parents.

The investigation continues, but, "It was basically two kids playing," said Sheriff Rick Duncan.

Analysis: Structure on Fashion forward toddlers

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By: Angela Wendler

The Los Angeles Times article, "Behold the trendy Mini-Me," was written with the inverted pyramid structure. The information is well organized with clear intention.

The writer used the nut graf concept very well. She lured her reader in with a little celebrity content before turning to the real content of the story.

The writer summarized the information well and presented the "whole picture" behind the story. She made me understand why I should care through the use of additional background information; she made the article relatable.

The article could have been structured differently, but I think the author chose the best structure to present this information. By using the inverted pyramid design, the writer allows the reader to get the gist of the article very quickly; if the reader is interested in the article he/she can continue reading, but if not the reader can move on without missing the most important information.

Fashion forward toddlers

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By: Angela Wendler

Baby fashion is a booming business. Designer junkie parents splurge on expensive labels for their children wardrobe.

Celebrity families give this industry a major boost. Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri are always dressed in similar fashions clad with designer labels, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Ralph Lauren has carried children's fashion for several years, but now Gucci, Versace, Lanvin, Burberry, and others, will be joining the industry later this year, reports Business Insider.

One of the main reasons high-end designers are moving to a children's line is that parents will spend money on their little ones. In 2008, the adult clothing industry dropped 5 percent, while children's apparel only dipped by 1 percent, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Mexico City proposes two-year marriage license

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By: Angela Wendler

Mexico City hopes to transform the concept of marriage by proposing a new two-year marriage license.

Leftist politicians are hoping that the new two-year policy will simplify the termination of short, unhappy marriages, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The proposal is, when the two-year period is up, if the relationship is not stable or harmonious, the contract simply ends," said Leonel Luna, a Mexico City assemblyman and member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, reports Time.

The marriage contract would specify how shared assets and children would be divided up at the end of the two-year commitment, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Despite the many supporters, there is a large portion of the population against the new proposal.''This reform is absurd. It contradicts the nature of marriage,'' Hugo Valdemar, spokesman for the Mexican archdiocese, said.

Marriage in Mexico City may change from "Til death do us part" to "Til I'm sick of you," reports Time.

Three people dead after San Leandro shooting

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By: Angela Wendler

Three people died and three more were injured when at least two gunmen opened fire at a San Leandro party early Sunday morning.

The shooting began around 1:20 a.m. when a group of partygoers were exiting the building, authorities said.

Three people were pronounced dead at the scene, while three others were taken to the hospital for further care and examination. None of the victims have been identified, reports the Associated Press.

The gunmen used semi-automatic handguns, but the number of shots fired has not been determined.

The suspects fled the scene and have not yet been identified. The police have not determined the motive for the shooting, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Protesting with flair

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By: Angela Wendler

Hundreds of people participated in Saturday's Minneapolis "SlutWalk" to protest the idea that victims of sexual harassment invite the attacks by wearing revealing clothing.

The first "SlutWalk" was organized in Toronto on April 3, after a Canadian police officer said, to be safe, "women should stop dressing like sluts," reports Fox.

The protestors refuse to blame sexual assault on the victim, regardless of what the person chooses to wear. Kim Sherva, the Minneapolis "SlutWalk" coordinator, said, "society teaches 'don't get raped' instead of 'don't rape," as reported by Fox.

"SlutWalks" are now being held all over the world, from Canada to New Delhi. Women walk in lingerie to support the cause and prove that clothing is not the problem, reports the Star Tribune.

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