Bitish solider jailed for stabbing Afghan boy

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By: Angela Wendler

A British soldier was jailed for 18 months and discharged from the military for bayoneting a 10-year-old boy in Afghanistan, reports the AFP.

Grenadier Guardsman, Daniel Crook stabbed Ghulam Nabi in March of last year while on patrol in the Nad-e Ali district of the southern Helmand province, reports AFP.

The guardsman had drunk a "considerable amount of vodka," so much that he had to be treated by medics the night before the incident occured, reports The Telegraph.

The next day Crook armed himself with two hand grenades and a bayonet for patrol, because his rifle had been confiscated as a safety precaution, reports the AFP.

During patrol Crook was approached by two boys on bicycles. One of the boys, Nabi, pestered Crook for chocolate. In response to the boy's plea Crook stabbed him with the bayonet near his kidneys, reports The Telegraph.

When Crook caught up with the patrol, he admitted to stabbing the boy. When Crook was later questioned by the military police, he could not explain his actions, reports the AFP.

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