Mountain lion shot in rural Minnesota

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By: Angela Wendler

A 125-pound mountain lion was shot and killed Sunday in rural southwest Minnesota by a local resident, reports the Star Tribune.

It is illegal to shoot a mountain lion in Minnesota, unless the animal poses an immediate threat to human life, reports the Pioneer Press.

Bruce Ihnen of Round Lake Township spotted the cougar when leaving his brother's farm around 6:30 p.m. Ihnen called a friend, Daniel Hamman, who came with a rifle and shot the cat as it was running away, reports the Star Tribune.

The animal posed no immediate threat when it was killed. Hamman is facing the possibility of legal charges in connection with the shooting, reports the Pioneer Press.

Neither Hamman or Ihnen were available for comment, reports the Pioneer Press.

Mountain lions have an increasing presence in Minnesota and continue to be protected by the state, reports the Pioneer Press.

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