No more free Happy Meal toys at McDonald's in San Francisco

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By: Angela Wendler

McDonald's has edged around the new San Francisco ban of fast-food meals containing a free toy by charging a small fee to add a toy to a Happy Meal, reports the New York Times.

Beginning Thursday, McDonald's will charge 10 cents for a Happy Meal toy to comply with the new city ordinance, reports the Associated Press.

San Francisco is the first major US city to ban the practice of including a free toy in children's meals that do not meet the state health qualifications for levels of sodium, fat, and calories, reports the Associated Press.

McDonald's has attempted to make their children's meals healthier by decreasing the french fry portion and including apple slices, but they still fail to meet the state nutritional guidelines, reports the Associated Press.

McDonald's says that without the toys the Happy Meals do not have the same appeal. Spokeswoman Danya Proud said, "While we will fully comply with this law, we also have a responsibility to give our customers what they want," reports the New York Times.

All of the proceeds earned from the additional 10 cent charge will go towards the building of a new Ronald McDonald house in San Francisco near the new University of California hospital, reports the Associated Press.

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