What I'll Remember in 5 Years: Classical Conditioning

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For my tenth birthday, I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my family. I had not been feeling well all day, and after dinner I threw up. I ended up having the 24-hour stomach flu. Even though I did not get the stomach flu from the Chinese food, to this day I still will not eat Chinese food because it reminds me of having the stomach flu. This is an example of Classical Conditioning. Classical condition is a very important concept of psychology. Classical conditioning is a type of learning process in which something that had not previously produced a response becomes associated with something that produces the response. A conditioned stimulus elicits a response that the unconditioned stimulus produces. I think this is an important concept to remember because it relates to situations in everyday life. Another example of classical conditioning is that when someone goes on a date at a restaurant where the food is very good, they are more likely to like that person. The food would be considered the unconditioned stimulus that produces a pleasant feeling causing someone to have pleasant feelings about the person they are with. There are many more examples of classical conditioning, but it seems like a lot of them relate to food. Ivan Pavlov was famous for classical conditioning. Attached is a video of Pavlov's classical conditioning experiment.


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