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Does technology change the way we think?

Technology changes the way we think, act, process messages, communicate, and just about everything else we do in our lives. In the Turkle article she talks at the early part of the article about how peoples lives are constantly centered around the technology that is available to them at any given moment. People always have their cell phones available and that is always an option. Wifi is available virtually everywhere and int Turkles story it was even available during a presentation, which, I think is inappropriate for people to be using their given technologies during a formal event like that.

Chandler focuses on the possiblilty that technology can either cause social change, or not cause social change. In my opinion I think that technology is a main driving force of social change. The way people communicate "socially" today revolves in some form around our technology. In last weeks readings Bolter said that if technology could do anything well, it would be that it can replicat social interactions and also make social interactions possible. Technology is becoming such an integral part of childrens lives as they are now engulfed in technology and by computers at school and then go home and text their friends and play on XBOX live. Social interactions of the next generation are promoted and driven by technology, which, will socialize this new group of people to function in a completely new way.

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