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St Paul Fire

A 29 year old man was killed after a grease fire got out of control in his kitchen trapping him inside.

An article was written about this story in the Star Tribune on Feb 11 and was rather brief, only 7 paragraphs long. The lead starts out by saying 'authorities believe' and so do the paragraphs that follow. Never once is it state who exactly these authorities are. The story does have a good quote from a St Paul Fire Chief where he explains grease fires to the reader.

The Pioneer Press also covered this story and it came out today (monday) so the information is much more detailed. The lead contains much of the same information however it is more specific and has no attribution in it whatsoever. Furthermore since the article was written later the victims name was released as were many other specific details into the story and how the fire started.

For a 'breaking news' type story the Trib did a good job with obviously not a lot of information to work with. The Pioneer Press did a great indepth follow-up piece that gets into more details and has a lot more information.


Grease fires get out of control quick. It's sad to hear that he died.