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Wolves collapse vs Bobcats

The Minnesota Timberwolves gave up a 17 point second quarter lead to the Charlotte Bobcats and lost 100-95. Charlotte rookie Adam Morrison scored 26 second-half points including 15 in the fourth quarter, outscoring the entire Wolves team who only managed 14 points in said quarter.

Star Tribune beat writer Steve Aschburner did a great job encapsulating the team’s woes into his column after the game. Not just focusing on the loss of the game but the team’s struggles to gel at this late stage of the season. He uses a delayed lead that is very effective and timely by talking about today’s 2pm trade deadline. This encourages the reader to continue reading because as any NBA player knows the trade deadline is a very crucial part of any season. Another thing Steve does well is uses the quotes from the coaches effectively, I will get to more of this later on in the blog. http://www.startribune.com/511/story/1016878.html

This story was also covered by the AP. I read this article on ESPN.Com. This article obviously takes a look at both teams and does not focus solely on the Timberwolves. Since this is a national piece the writer obviously focuses on the biggest story, that being of Adam Morrison. Adam Morrison was the national college player of the year last year and has thus far struggled in his rookie campaign. However scoring 26 points in a half to single-handedly beat a team will silence any naysayer. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/recap?gameId=270221016

Both sources included quotes from head coach Randy Wittman and Adam Morrison. I was also at this game, covering it for the station in which I intern. I was there during both interviews in which quotes are used. Steve Aschburner did a much better job of getting the quotes accurate than the AP did.
-"I'm tired of guys pouting on the floor during games because of whatever, not enough minutes, not enough touches, not enough shots. You cannot do that and win games." ,

-"Our frame of mind is more focused on me rather than we," Wittman said. "We were up 17 and really kind of had control of the game, and got caught up in 'Am I getting enough shots? Is the ball touching my hands enough?' We quit playing.?

Those last two quotes are from Aschburner’s Strib column and are completely accurate. There are other times in which Asch may not have gotten a complete quote and just uses words in quotes like “pout?

The AP however uses this quote, "I'm tired of guys pouting on the floor, during the game," said Wittman, whose team had just two assists in the second half after piling up 19 before halftime. "You cannot do that during games. Give me guys that have no talent, and you're going to lose the game but go down fighting. We didn't go down fighting tonight."

Here the writer uses this as an exact quote, but this was not the exact way he said it. The writer took it upon himself to correct the grammar of the coach as well as take pieces out. While he did not change the overall theme of the what the coach was saying, this is definitely not an exact quote as I remember it.


Yeah i'd put my money on bobcats versus wolves any day.