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BlackHawk Helicopter

A US Blackhawk Helicopter made a 'hard landing' in Iraq today injuring the two person crew that was aboard. The helicopter is used mainly for surveillance purposes. The extent of the injuries is unknown at this time.

This story was covered by the AP on the Star Tribune website. This story much like all the others on the internet had the term "hard landing" in the lead and in quotation marks. The lead also explains that there was injuries sustained to the two person crew. In the second paragraph they explain the cause of the crash. The story uses two direct quotations, one from a statement and another from someone associated with the incident.

The AP article that appeared in the Washington Post contains a different type of lead than the previous article. While they do contain the "hard landing" aspect they do not mention that there were injuries involved. They wait until the second paragraph to do so. Furthermore, this article is a great deal shorter than the article that appeared in the Tribune and does not contain nearly as many details.

Overall I felt the article from the Star Tribune was much stronger. I felt that the injuries to our citizens overseas is important enough to be carried in the lead. Also the length of the article being much longer allowed there to be much more detailed version of the events that took place.


Wow.. a blackhawk helicopter