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Japan Earthquake

There was an earthquake in Tokyo that left 150 injured with at least one dead. The quake was a 6.9 on the Richter Scale. It occurred early Sunday morning.

I first read this story covered by the AP in the Star Tribune. The article has a very concise lead that is very to the point. They do a good job of not putting in unnecessary details that are not relevant to the lead. They save those for the later paragraphs. This story is written in pyramid style format. The story also does an excellent job quoting the proper officials to give the story enhanced credibility.

The story was also covered on additional sites. One place I read the story had different details surrounding the event. They had the injured total at 170, rather than 150 that was reported in the first AP story. Furthermore, in this story the lead is too jumbled with information that could very well be saved for later in the story.

Overall both stories did a good job of getting the proper information of this tragedy in a proper manner. They both used quotes from the essential people the story.


I agree with you, the AP lead is very concise. I think it's easier to do a concise lead when the topic is very straight foward. There was an earthquake and here are the facts.

It's much harder to write a lead when there is controversy among sources, news events, etc.

In the stuff arcticle the reporter did not not use expert sources when she pointed out the difficults people were having after the earthequake. The Tribune uses a earthquake expert to explain the horrific event.

Dang that is a huge earthquake.