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Misteps found in Pat Tillman Case

A probe found missteps found in the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman and there should be people held accountable for his death. Pat Tillman was a former NFL linebacker who turned down a multi-million dollar contract extension to enter the Army.

This article was covered in the Star Tribune. The article was very well written with a very concise lead. The article covers all of the necessary ground. There is no kind of quotes in the article at all. Quotations would definitely add to the article. Also, a little background information about Tillman would be helpful as well.

This news event was also covered in the San Francisco Chronicle. This story also has a very strong lead, much like the Tribune article. The lead entices the reader to read on. Furthermore, the Chronicle's article is much more thorough. They go much more indepth and this makes for a much better article. They also used quotations to their advantage to add to their credibility.

I think both articles could have benefited on more backgorund information on Pat Tillman. Overall I think the Chronicle article was much more solid. The extra length and in depth reporting made it much more informative than that of the Tribune article.


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I agree those are misteps in the Pat Tillman case.


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