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Scalding death

A Blaine woman pleaded guilty for her role in the scalding death of a 10 year old child that occurred this summer.

I found one article in the story that appeared in the Star Tribune’s website. The lead for the story is a standard lead that gives the reader the information necessary. The second paragraph is when the names of the people involved come into play. The article continues explaining the graphic testimony. The article is written in pyramid format and concludes by telling the reader to look for more information on this breaking story either later tonight or in tomorrow’s paper.

The story was also covered by the Pioneer Press on their website. The story took a slightly different approach then the Star Tribune. The lead paragraph is considerably longer, almost to a fault. The Pioneer Press story does however get into more details than the Trib and the story is longer. Like the Trib story it is written in pyramid format.

Both stories handled this breaking news rather well. I preferred the lead that was written in the Tribune however overall I feel that the stronger article was that of the Pioneer Press. Their article was handled as if it was the actually news article while the Tribunes was more of a breaking news format alerting readers to stay tuned.


That is a painful way to go