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State Guardsman killed in Iraq

A state guardsmen died in Iraq and three others were hurt. An explosive device hit the vehicle in which he was traveling in.

This article is written by Star Tribune columnist and is located on the website. The articles lead is a little long and contains unnecessary information. What the guardsmen's nickname was is not information that is suited for a lead. The article gives a recent record of his last few years. The article ends with the announcement that funeral arrangements are pending.

This story was also written about in the Winona Daily News. The lead is much more concise and does not contain extra information that could be included later in the article. The article does a better job of quoting sources. The previous article did not contain any quotations.

Overall, both articles do a good job of handling the delicate situation. Structurally I preferred the Winona article as it had more quotes and a better lead.


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I hate it when people are killed in Iraq.. there death is so unnecessary.