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Story Idea #1

As the snow continues throughout the state many citizens are having their cars towed. Many people are not aware or do not fully understand snow emergency laws. A story explaining these laws and regulations would be a benefit to drivers state-wide.

(612) 673-5777 - Minneapolis Impound

(612) 827-3838 - Goodyear of South Minneapolis: Parent's Automotive & Tire
(612) 431-8974 - Jerry Brown former MPLS policemen


Well done.
Comment (no revision necessary): If you were lobbying your editor to run this story, you would lure him or her with the same tool you use on readers -- specificity. HOW would you make this story interesting to readers and avoid bureaucratese? Human stories? Graphics?
Otherwise, you might be overselling to say the story would be useful to readers throughout the state -- unless you're signing up to research and understand the snow-and-tow regulations for every municipality in the state.