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Story Idea #3

On November 30th Gopher Men's Basketball Coach Dan Monson resigned/(was fired) from his job. It has been over 100 days and AD Joel Maturi has not hired a replacement yet. Possible names have ranged from the obvious local favorites, Flip Saunders, to the absurd, Bobby Knight. With the recent news that University of Michigan fired their head coach and are also seeking a replacement, time is of the essence for the Gophers and Maturi. This story has local prominence because the Gophers mens basketball team is one with a prideful tradition. Furthermore, anytime there is vacancy in one of the large men's sports on campus it is of great public interest, especially when the process has taken this long.

Possible Interviews:
Joel Maturi: U of M Athletic Director 612-624-2100
Dan Barreiro KFAN Radio Host and former Star Tribune Columnist 612-417-3000
Darren Wolfson Producer, Gopher Insider 612-417-3243


Surely. You posted this three days after reports began to circulate of Tubby's arrival, but I will assume you had this story in mind beforehand and didn't get a chance to post it until that day.