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Torandoes in New Mexico

Over a dozen tornadoes were spotted in New Mexico and the border of Texas. Property and homes were destroyed and at least 16 people were injured.

I first read this story in the Star Tribune website. It was written by the associated press. The lead of the story is rather lengthy and contains some details that may not be necessary for the lead. The story is written in pyramid style and covers all the essential details to the story. The story also does a good job quoting the proper people. This adds a strong element to the story.

This story was also covered in the Arizona Daily Star. This newspaper is close to the area where the tornadoes took place. The story is written in similar format as the first one. The lead however is more concise and clear. It does not use the same amount of numbers that jumbled the first storys lead. It also does a similar job using different types of quotes to enhance the story.

It can often be difficult writing about a tragedy such as this. I think both outlets did a great job handling it. Both were very good articles that other than the lead in the first one were very structurally sound and enjoyable to read.


I would like some information about a family of four in Eagle pass, if this family was affected by the tornadoes last week
The mom's name is Deyanira.
Can you give me any information if there's any?

My aunts name is Deyanira also.. how strange.