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April 6, 2007

Story Idea

There is a growing debate on whether or not open enrollment should be allowed in high school today for the purposes of extra curricular activities. While many students open enroll for academic opportunities, many abuse the system so they can take part in a schools athletic programs. There is a proposed change to the open enrollment system that would not let not allow an athlete to participate in a schools varsity programs for one year after enrollment. This would cut down on athletes switching schools solely for the athletic benefits. However, not everyone is in support of this change. Many argue that some students transfer schools for athletic reasons simply because they are from a small town and they would not otherwise have the opportunity to play that particular sport. This is a heated debate and would be a great story idea to look at both sides of the argument.

Possible Interviews:

Apple Valley High School Athletic Director Scott Larson : 952-431-8218

Kevin Merkle - Associate Director of MSHSL 763-560-2262 ex 484

John Millea Star Tribune Prep Sports writer: (612) 673-4000