May 22nd

Today was another day of sleeping in and catching up on our rest. We ate breakfast around 8:30 instead of the typical 7 to 7:30 like we were used to at Plantahof. Our plans for the day were to visit Albert and Barbra's holiday home with Reto and Veronica and relax. We found out that Albert and Barbra spend some weekends or just Sundays and some holidays at this home high in the Alps. Their holiday home was redone last spring so everything was new and very homey. Lunch was not quite ready so Reto and Veronica took us higher onto the mountain to talk more about the agriculture and to see the ski resort at the top. At the point where the cars could no longer drive up it was at an altitude of 2,000 meters. I noticed that there were many small springs and streams the higher we drove.
After our tour of the holiday home neighborhood Reto and Veronica taught us a card game called Ciao Sepp. Roughly translated in English is means Goodbye Joseph. The game was a combination of crazy 8's, Uno, and hearts and after we started getting used to the rules we could only speak in German to win the game. Nothing like a little pressure to learn Swiss-German to win a game. Unlike most of the other days since we arrived in Switzerland we ate lunch late. Normally lunch is at noon but Sunday's lunch was a special occasion so it was pushed back a little bit. After lunch we started packing up to go back to the farm. A little bit before our departure, Barbra asked us to sign the guest book of their holiday home. Their guest book has been used since 2004 and any time they are there for an event Barbra or the guests sign it to remember the time spent there. Kristin and I were happy to keep a little bit of Minnesota in Switzerland and with our host family.

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