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Elise Co Lecture

I'm taking these notes straight to the blog today during Elise Co 's lecture today at CALA . Elise is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab who is currently working as a consultant combining electronic/computational ideas into day to day experience. She'll be teaching a workshop over the next couple of days that I'll be participating in. I will be writing about the experience over the next few days here.

Topic: Reactive Space

  • Using the computer to automate all different kinds of media.
  • Light-up shoes - change color depending on a person's behavior - a personal color for each wearer - kinetic light
  • Lumiloop - a modular system of display panels that can be linked together into a bracelet - link these panels together to define the behavior of the displays
  • Puddlejumper - a raincoat that lights up as raindrops hit its surface - simple silkscreened switches on the coat - indiglow lights
  • Materiality of technology - softening technology, integrating into frabric, etc. - handcrafted qualities, roughness vs. precision
  • Elise's "factory" is her one bedroom apartment in Switzerland - programming station, assembly/sewing station, soldering/wiring station
  • How the timeline of a project works - calm in the middle, scrambling at the beginning and end - finished the puddlejumper 10 minutes before the FedEx guy took it away
  • Samsung project - issues of space, as opposed to devices - branding project for Samsung - custom designed lamps with color changing LED s - 42 of them! - placed around the various Samsung products - each lamp measured the popularity of each product, both in the physical space and a website associated with the showroom
  • Recent explorations of kniting

Link: Elise Co

Posted on October 12, 2005 12:43 PM by westr015 Art

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