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Tagging advice

Wired News had an article a few days ago about how to go about tagging on sites like . The advice seems straight-forward enough: keep it simple. Don't add too many tags or multiple tags that have overlapping meanings. An example from the article: if you use web and development , you don't need to include webdev , and vice versa. What the article leaves out, however, are the methods by which the successful taggers choose their words. If webdev is somehow a more meaningful term (and not necessarily a more popular one), how do I find that out?

Chanchal Gupta's Collaborative Rank site is one possible answer. It's a serch engine for bookmarks that ranks results according to a tagger's reputation. The idea here being that if I bookmark a page and then a mass of others bookmark the same page with the same kind of tags, my bookmarks rank high. This method offers some new clarity to bookmarks and could be a way to learn what tags are the most valuable.

Posted on October 20, 2005 11:00 AM by westr015 Social Software

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