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Design Code

Here's what I want to do: (add it to the list buddy...)

I want to create a repository for code related to design. Actual if-then-else type stuff that other interested folks can download and modify. The code would fall into several categories:

  • Iteration/form finding
    Algorithms that can iterate through a massive number of formal permutations which can be evaluated and fed back for further exploration.
  • Optimization
    Finding the optimal configuration based on specified criteria (accessibility, size, cost, etc.)
  • Visualization
    Finding new qualities of existing designs.
  • Collaboration
    Tools to allow designers to fluidly cooperate in a design process.
  • Tons more, I'm sure...

The idea here isn't that we create enough code and then the computer does all the design for us. It's more a matter of not reinventing the wheel all the time (as designers are wont to do,) but sharing the knowledge that's already been created and using that as a base to work from. This means faster progress and more interesting (and hopefully more useful) tools. It would be like a SourceForge for designers.

Posted on October 27, 2005 3:53 PM by westr015 Design

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