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Catherine Veikos Workshop

Today in studio we're start a workshop by Catherine Veikos, assistant professor at PennDesign (Univeristy of Pennsylvania.) She's a visiting professor here at CALA this semester. Here are some notes from her initial lecture:

  • Perspective is taken for granted with 3d renderings, goes without question.
  • Catherine shows us a series of paintings that display ideas about perspective: a window, a mathematically defined and flattened space.
  • Vermeer: a curtain at the edge of the painting, painting as a window.
  • Alberti: constructione ligitima, a particular mathematical way of constructing perspective illusion.
  • Perspective as a mathematical system evolved into a symbolic system.
  • How do we reclaim perspective for artistic/expressive purposes?
  • High horizon line gives illusion of greater depth of space.
  • Bigger figures appear farther forward, overlap of figures reenforces this.
  • Deeper, brighter colors can also reenforce the perspective illusion. (contrast, saturation)
  • More detail given to objects in front.
  • Different colors have different effects on perception.
  • Digital imaging is basically just manipulating colored light.
  • Considering the movement of light as a way of painting. (Futurists, Pointilists)
  • Many theories of color, many standards for communicating color.
  • James Turrel: painting with colored light.
  • Currently we've moved from a painterly frame of mind to a cinematic frame of mind.

Our workshop/charette will be looking at Op-art paintings and transforming them into a 3 dimensional spaces.

Things to keep in mind when translating a painting into 3d space:

  • How is perspective interpreted and applied?
  • What is the point of view and the meaning of that point of view?
  • Transparency and reflection of materials.
  • How does motion come into play?
  • Always consider what could be done in post-production. Build in 3d modeling application, import into image editor, play, repeat.
  • Document your processes, so you can recreate the effects.

Posted on November 14, 2005 4:38 PM by westr015 Grad School

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