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Processing + Architecture

On the Processing site one of the featured pieces is "Parametric Difference" by John Houck, with Morphosis architects. The software he created takes two 3d models and finds the differences between them and by doing that, creates brand new forms.

If you're interested in creating software to facilitate your creative work, you should check out processing. Processing, in geek-speak, is an IDE (integrated development environment), a program that you can use to make other programs. Processing was created by Ben Fry (Aesthetics + Computation Program at MIT) and Casey Reas (Design | Media Arts program at UCLA). It's used by designers and artists to produce software for net art, installations, performances, analysis, games and all kinds of other stuff. It's built on top of the Java programming language, but it uses its own set of vocabulary, so the learning curve is much shorter.

Posted on February 24, 2006 8:59 AM by westr015 Architecture Computation Design

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