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Amy Landesberg workshop concludes

The catalyst workshop was a smashing success with blinkin' lights applied virtually to unassuming curtainwall structures around Minneapolis. My group grafted a double-layer mesh LED screen onto the facade of the Carlson School of Management, here on the U of M campus.

Carlson School of Management Photo by Evan Hall

Tension cables would run vertically a foot and two feet away from the glass curtain wall. LED cables (think rope lights) would then be secured onto the tension cables.

LED Mesh Structure Rendering by Keith Little

The effect would be a two-layer screen that could display any variety of digital raster graphics. We were envisioning multi-step process of automatic image and data collection by computer, follow by a mediation process in which people could "train" the system to show information of value to them. Ideally the graphics displayed would evolve according to the whims, desires, and politics of those mediating.

Carlson LED Screen Rendering by Evan Hall, Full Flash animation

I made a 3D visualization of the double-screen system in the development environment Processing, which I'll post more about soon.

Posted on March 5, 2007 8:07 PM by westr015 Architecture Computation Design Grad School U of M

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