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LED Screen Simulator

I've uploaded the software I made for the catalyst workshop, mentioned here. The file is a zip archive containing applications for windows, mac and linux, plus the source code. The application is a sort of single-purpose demo that I used for the presentation at the end of the workshop. It creates two LED screens that display a sequence of images, in this case a tv ad for Target and some graphics on the second screen commenting on the company (this data is for demo purposes only). To change the view in the application, use the arrow keys to rotate and the a and z keys to zoom in and out, respectively.

What may prove more useful - to someone - is the source code. The code was developed in Processing, a free and open source development environment geared toward artists and designers. Open the source code (led02.pde) in Processing and you'll find a generic object definition that can be used and extended in your own software.

This software was written as a quick hack for the workshop and is definitely not production quality. There is no warranty, support, etc. for this software. It is intended as a demonstration of a concept that may be useful to others developing similar software. Having said that, feel free to email if you have specific questions about it.


Posted on April 20, 2007 1:46 PM by westr015 Architecture Computation Design Grad School Software

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