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October 2006

Hip hop in the baths

A must see. A hip hop video filmed in Zumthor's Therme at Vals:

Via: Gravestmor

Posted on 10:04 AM by westr015 Architecture

October 2006

Area Student Still Lost in Rapson Hall

Why is it that, after wandering around this building for over 5 years, I can still get lost?


(south, west, north, and east basement corridors in Rapson Hall)

As you can see, the basement of the old part of the building is truly problematic. It's got a perfectly symmetrical plan. The same enameled block on all the walls. There's almost no indication of location here. I've even gone around one full circle before finding the classroom I need. Truly a dumbfounding experience.

Posted on 8:56 AM by westr015 Architecture Design Grad School U of M

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