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February 2007

New is a relative term.

A new semester started here at the University of Minnesota some six weeks ago and just now I remember I have this blog to post to. There are busy people in the world and then there are architecture grad students... can I get an amen?

Anyway, I somehow managed to put together the most radical-est semester ever this go 'round:

  • Studio is focusing on digital fabrication techniques and small spaces with Charlie Lazor and Garrett Finney.
  • A great seminar with Robert Ferguson called poetically "The Cave and the Light" in which we're tracing the slippery concept of the grotesque through architectural history.
  • A directed study with Lee Anderson exploring some generative methods for creating forms.

More on my progress along these lines of inquiry soon... now that I've got my bearings again.

Posted on 8:53 PM by westr015 Grad School

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