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Topic: Social Software

Minnebar Conference

Join the twin cities hackerati at the upcoming "unconference", Minnebar. Sessions will range from new web technology standards, diy how-tos, social software, and more. You're also invited to host your own ad hoc session on the topic of your choice. Refreshments provided and best of all, it's free!


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Topic: Social Software

Architecture for Humanity Gets a Wish from Sun Microsystems

Every year at the TED Conference someone is granted a world-changing wish. This year it was Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity. Sinclair is currently teaching here at the University of Minnesota department of architecture. From the article:

As part of his wish, Sinclair requested a means to allow architects, funders, non-governmental organizations and communities to collaborate on generating and implementing innovative housing solutions globally. Sun answered by offering to provide an online platform that will facilitate collaboration and sharing of designs and will use advanced technology to simulate geographic/seismic, political/cultural and financial ramifications of designs. Sun and Sinclair will gather additional support from the technology, entertainment and design industries represented at the TED conference.

Link to Press Release

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Topic: Social Software

Tagging advice

Wired News had an article a few days ago about how to go about tagging on sites like . The advice seems straight-forward enough: keep it simple. Don't add too many tags or multiple tags that have overlapping meanings. An example from the article: if you use web and development , you don't need to include webdev , and vice versa. What the article leaves out, however, are the methods by which the successful taggers choose their words. If webdev is somehow a more meaningful term (and not necessarily a more popular one), how do I find that out?

Chanchal Gupta's Collaborative Rank site is one possible answer. It's a serch engine for bookmarks that ranks results according to a tagger's reputation. The idea here being that if I bookmark a page and then a mass of others bookmark the same page with the same kind of tags, my bookmarks rank high. This method offers some new clarity to bookmarks and could be a way to learn what tags are the most valuable.

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Topic: Social Software

Social software from a kit of parts

Marc Andreessen (of Netscape fame) is always up to some thing. His latest feat is a site called Ning . Ning is a sort of roll-your-own social software development site, or playground as Andreessen calls it. You can create a new social application, a la Friendster and the like, by duplicating an example application and hacking to your hearts content. Folks have already created local restaurant rating sites, social mapping sites... you name it.

Via BoingBoing | Direct Link

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