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t/here editorial roster

These are the folks who are involved in the creation of issue 4. I will be editing this list as it changes so it can act as a reference for all of us. If you're not on the list, let me know. This is everybody who has expressed even the slightest interest in helping out with issue 4 (i.e. everyone who should get email, etc.). Alpha by last name.

* Angela Boersma, boer0091
* Ryan Connolly, conn0051
* Brian Fewell, fewel003
* Kate Gehron, gehro007
* Della Hansmann, hans2463
* Andrea McKay, mckay108
* David McWilliams, mcwi0012
* Kristin Raab, raab0002
* Aaron Squadroni, squad001
* Bernt Stenberg, sten0329
* Aaron Westre, westr015

(The at umn.edu portion of email addresses is redacted here for anti-spam purposes.)