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October 12, 2006

Mission Statement

Here is the mission statement, as it currently exists:

T/here, a creation of graduate students at the University of Minnesota, is intended as a means of exploring the built environment. The publication is a platform for students to engage the realities of professional practice and academic thought on issues of design, theory and practice. T/here explores regional design issues of significance to the broader world. the University of Minnesota student publication fosters dialog between professionals, academics and students from architecture, landscape architecture, and other relevant fields aiming to present an innovative and unique perspectives on how we shape our world.

Agenda for 10/19/2006

From David:

Mission Statement

  • Discuss and revise mission statement to reflect current journal committee interest.
  • Define parameters for use of mission statement in future issues.
  • Discuss topics and their relation and implementation with regard to the mission statement.


  • Timeframe for next issue and articles
  • Electronic version of publication and wider audience delivery
  • Target audience to get wider readership for journal (Alumni?)


  • 1st year graduate student participation
  • Participation from other departments. COD or Arch/L Arch journal?

Meeting Minutes

We're in room 225, Rapson Hall. In attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams.


  • Printing: Has anyone at the U done something similar
  • We need to make sure that people submitting content understand that the journal will be published in a digital format.
  • We should send off a call for submissions soon. We should have submissions coming in at the end of the semester.
  • Can we get a space for our stuff and our meetings? Do we want a space in Rapson? This place seems so unstable... holding onto a space seems kind of tenuous.
  • Once we have a topic and call for submissions, we should talk to our faculty to see if they know of student work that would fit.
  • How many of each back issue do we have? Should we give a copy to all incoming grad students. We could tie this to an event. Aaron will look into this.
  • David will try to get a copy of the mission statement and email it around so we can take a look and revise it.
  • We will put the next issue online in some manner. We should put as much of the previous issues online as we can. This requires contacting authors to secure rights.
  • My thinking is that an online component is essential for us at this time. It can help us gain a wider audience. There could be a free subscription to the web version and a pay subscription that includes the print version and web version with extra content.

October 5, 2006

Meeting 10/05/2006

I'm here with David again, this time in room 245, our studio space. Room 225 is in use today, but we have it reserved for the rest of the semester.


  • Illicit Space - How do people make space when their program isn't explicitly included in the design of an environment? What are the reactions to illicit space? Types? Homeless environments, underground music venues, ad hoc theatre, flop houses, drug havens, panhandling, etc. How do designers contribute to the "problem" of illicit space? How do/can they help? If designers try to come up with a solution, is it just an affront to the people who desire an illicit/underground space?


  • James stopped by and we talked about the above topic. We also talked about getting an official course designation for the journal. He's going to talk to Renee or Tom about that. We also discussed accelerating the pace of this first semester of journal planning, such that most articles would be in by January or so. This would allow us much more time for graphics, printing, etc. He also emphasized the need to get first year grad students involved at an earlier stage. This seems like a good topic: one that's provocative enough to bring in submissions, yet flexible enough to work across a range of design disciplines and interests.